The starter’s kit price includes not only Qactus body manufacturing and development costs. As Qactus is not a toy but an instrument, of course, the development and manufacturing costs associated with the main body are more than apparent.

However, as with the main body, as you already know, it is the information necessary for playing, that is “QactusCore” and it is frequently updated and maintained on the website, it constantly requires a huge running cost.

Besides that, we are collecting distribution costs, package costs, printed materials, advertisement expenditure, and others, and we are selling it as a total profit margin with a very low setting.

If the price is lower further, QactusCore essential for Qactus will not function sufficiently, Qactus’ goal, “to bring all beginners to the next stage” cannot be fulfilled. Please understand that the price of Qactus is not the main body price itself but the price for “all the elements necessary for all beginners who were going to give up”.

If you imagine the reality that you buy a doctor’s book, a video, a number of musical scores etc. After all, give up the reality that more than half of the frustrated people are giving up, at least this price has all the necessary materials. Qactus is never expensive. You can see that it is not something.

Qactus カクタス ギター