focus on what we can do

focus on what we can do

i’ve always been mentioning like “about 80% of beginners gave up to play guitar” as you already know.
however some people told that it’s an exaggerated allegation.

they don’t know the terrible situation at all.
have you read this?(below)

[90% of New Guitarists Quit in First Year, and That’s Why Fender Is Going Digital]

the president of Fender said that it should be 90% but it’s not only 80% as i mentioned about.
it shows that the current beginner’s method for guitar doesn’t work.

that’s why i’ve been trying something difficult for decades.
i have a dream that giving up is out of the question when people touch an instrument.

i’m gonna continue my hard work for it because i still believe that it’s one of the missions of professional musicians.
not just being adored as like a pop star or something pretty old.

now, musicians are facing the new era.
look at the world that is changing like a clouds in the sky.

we can deal with it as music lovers.
please continue to follow the way.

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