to change
the world

to know a lot of news
to gaze at some buildings
to sleep in hygienic sheets
to visit many countries which you haven't been to
to try some foods and drinks which you haven't tried
to listen to music which you don't know yet
to meet strangers
to be counting on tomorrow
to think of many people who can't make these things because of some problems
all of these things are necessary for you to try

- hiroki kiribayashi



what brought me here

I was on a solo trip backpacking in India.
The trains in India are pretty long. I couldn't count the number of coaches. I was unable to even see the end of the train.

It was approaching the terminal station pretty slow like a cow.
We could get on and off the train anytime because it doesn't have doors inside and outside.

I was about to get off the sleeper then suddenly, two kids entered the coach. The little girl was about 6 or 7 years old. She was holding a little boy's hand tightly, he looked like her brother, who was about 3 or 4 years old.
They must have been homeless because they were wearing very dirty clothes and they were thin.
Maybe they didn't even have parents, but I'm not sure.
They were looking for something in the garbage left in our coach.

A conductor came entered suddenly, and he shouted at the two little kids.
It wasn't just that. He also hit the little girl's face with his full power.

I was so surprised, not because the little girl was hit but because she didn't even cry at all, even though she flew in the air and her head bumped into the wall hard.

She stood up quickly and took her brother's hand again.
And then they ran away without any sadness or signs of being hurt.

I have seen a lot of cruel things like discrimination in many countries.
I felt so upset because I wasn't able to do anything for them.

I really want to change these stupid ways, especially the relationships between people, between countries.
However what can we do to make it happen?

To know about other countries' things helps make minds change to peace.
At least, it's worth sharing with all the people on this planet.

As you know, music cultures can show a lot of things about each country without any effort.
They can let us know about different countries: history, philosophy, mood, and so on.

You will become a person who thinks of them if you have so many opportunities to get to know about something related to other countries.

Humans are stupid. I'm ashamed to be human.
However it is much more terrible than we think.
But you won't be able to notice anything if you don't visit many countries.

We have a lot of things to learn from each other.
Language shows how people think. Any language is unique and special.

Music as well, it shows how people think; so any music is unique and special.

As I have said, our goal is to improve the relationships in the world.
I believe that music can make it happen but it shouldn't be done commercially.

What we need to make it happen is to raise the number of music lovers... that's it.
It can lead to become a better world.

It may not be easy but it'll become easier if we do something important together.

And that's with your music.




Hiroki Kiribayashi (1971-)

I'm a musician but I'm a bit strange.
My aim is not the same kind of success as most musicians.

I have my own company named "Quiree".
Our goal is to improve some relationships in the world.
I believe that music can help make it happen but it shouldn't be commercially done.

What we need to do to make this happen is to raise number of music lovers.. that's it.
It can lead the world to become better.

Quiree is committed to achieving the aim by all means necessary.
Holding some music ensemble events for people who have never experienced touching any instruments or even trying to play an instrument, producing some music products necessary for our goal, promoting on TV, radio, publish, and so on is one of our goals.

We can make it happen together if you want.
So let's start using music for a better world!

You can contact us if you feel that we share the same passion.


[as a player]
Laughin' Nose
Sakebu Shijin No Kai
Sunnyday Orange'
Ougon No Te
Shilfee And Tulip Colobockles
Guniw Tools
Out Of Survice
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Asahi National Broadcasting
Television Tokyo
Fuji Television Network
BS Asahi
Nippon Broadcasting System
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
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K&B Publshers
Music Land
NHK Publishing
NHK Mobile Site
Nippon Broadcasting System Mobile
Yukan Fuji
Da Capo
Shousetsu Subaru
Oricon Mobile Site
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